Individual Therapy

I will help my clients overcome a lifetime of frustration, judgment, depression, anxiety, fear, and pain.​​ Identifying the root cause of your stress is paramount in successful therapy sessions.

Couple Therapy

I help couples renew their love and understanding for each other. Let’s discuss what you are feeling, why your having difficulty, and what caused the problem to begin with.

Adolescent Therapy

I have intimate knowledge of issues faced by adolescents. Adolescents face high levels of stress on a daily basis. Let us develop some coping mechanisms to manage your stress.

Ocd Therapy

I understand how debilitating OCD can be. Therapy will give you the space to express your concerns, recognize triggers, and identify associated symptoms.

Dr Sara Harowitz | 200 N. Monroe Street, Media, PA 19063 | (610) 506-6440 | [email protected]